Sports Savant or Simpleton? Week 1 Results for Colts at Rams

Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The results are in and the Colts apparently wanted to ensure that I was not considered a savant in week one.  In the closing paragraph of my prediction column, I mentioned that “It could be a sloppy, low-scoring, and aesthitically unpleasing game..”.  I am taking poetic license today by explaining that I was only referring to the Colts game plan.

With that very minor wordsmith win under my belt, it is time to score my predictions (one point per accurate statement):

  1. I took the over on Jack Doyle having a 100 yard receiving game.  I felt really good about this early in the game when he was sitting on two catches for 41 yards.  Unfortunately, he ended the game with those same numbers.  Of note is his average of 20.5 yards per catch was the highest of his NFL career for a single game.  His 834 receiving yards are 62nd All-time for the Colts franchise.
  2. I said that WR Donte Moncrief would score a touchdown.  Moncrief was targeted only four times in the game as starting QB Scott Tolzien struggled to move the offense.  His lone reception was a difficult snag in traffic on a 50-yard bomb thrown from backup Jacoby Brissett.   Unfortunately for the Colts, Moncrief recorded as many tackles as he did receptions against the Rams.
  3. I noted that rookie CB Nate Hairston would pick a Jared Goff pass.  Hairston was on the field for 40 defensive plays, but failed to record an interception as predicted.  The Colts 2017 fifth round pick recorded one tackle during his NFL debut.

Whoever hacked into my website and penned my predictions then went all Colts homer and declared an upset victory was at hand and that the Colts would leave Los Angeles with a 17-14 win in the season opener.  Didn’t happen.  Wasn’t close.  Was over less than four minutes into the game when Tolzien completed a pass to Rams CB Trumaine Johnson for a 39-yard pick six to put the Rams up 10-0.

In summary, I failed to nail a single prediction and earned 0 points during week one’s action.  My weekly and season points sit at zero.  To put my effort into proper perspective, I have decided to rank my weekly results according to the careers of past Colts quarterbacks.  Week one was an Art Schlichter as he was winless in his 6 starts for the Colts from 1982-85.  He completed 42% of his passes for 3 touchdowns and 11 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 42.6.



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