My name is Bruce, and I am a Colts fan!

Emphasis on the word “fan”.  I am not a member of the media.  I have not been laid off from ESPN recently.  I have no team sources.  I get Colts news at the same time and in the same manner that you do through social media and other media outlets.  What I do have is a passion for the Colts which I enjoy sharing with other Colts fans.  We all have opinions, ideas, memories, and are confident we would have never thrown away a first-round pick on Trent Richardson!

I moved to Indianapolis in 1996 so I realize many of you have “bled blue” for much longer than that. I was spoiled to have Peyton follow me to town so I did not suffer through many of the franchise lean years nor did I have to decide if I should wear a bag over my head to the games.  I did not experience the Mayflower.  Eric Dickerson did not tell me to stay away from the games.  I was not forced to cheer for Mike Pagel, Art Schlichter, Jack Trudeau, Don Majkowski, or Gary Hogeboom.  In fact, the first draft pick I experienced was Marvin Harrison with the 19th overall selection and that team finished 9-7 and made the playoffs.

I may have arrived late on the Colts bandwagon, but there were still plenty of seats available on it when I became a fan.  For over 20 years now, I have cheered with you, lost sleep over playoff interceptions, shared ear-shattering third down defensive stops in the RCA Dome, felt tragedy with the Dungy family, became Chuck Strong, prayed that Austin Collie would retire before a permanent head injury, learned to be quiet when Peyton was leading the 2-minute drill at home, loved the sight of Freeney and Mathis racing around the ends, yelled at the refs when the Pats continually hugged Marvin and Reggie in the playoffs, begged for someone to stop the run, and high-fived and hugged everyone I could find after our Super Bowl win.

This is my first website.  I’m sure if you try you will find plenty of cracks in it and things that could be done more professionally.  It is a work in progress and I hope it becomes an interactive place that we can meet to share all things Colts related.  It is not my intent to be a “Breaking News” site.  I will post news items as I can in hopes of it leading to discussions and debates amongst Colts fans.  I will also share my thoughts and things that interest me and hope that you feel free to do the same here.  I am a self-proclaimed stats geek and love the minutiae and strategy that makes up the game of football.

I realized there was a niche for a site like this as I listened to national broadcasts over the years discuss the Colts.  I was surprised to learn how little they actually knew about our team, the roles specific players had in our successes and failures, the in-game capabilities of our coaching staff, and the thoughts and feelings of the fans.  I knew that there was so much more about our team than they touched in their game preparation and the few days they spent in our city.  In short, our fans knew far more about our team than the industry experts did.  For some reason, that came as a surprise to me as I heard them praise players based on past successes instead of their current play (thinking of you D’Qwell Jackson) while overlooking players that made key plays when most needed (introducing Antoine Bethea).

I would appreciate any ideas that you have that could make this site better or content that you feel is important to truly experience the Colts Fandom together.  Please e-mail me at bruce@coltsfandom.com to share your opinions, thoughts, or items that you find missing or incorrect on the site.  It is not my goal to do this site alone.  It is my desire for all of us to share our Colts knowledge, passion, and fan experiences.  Our Fandom must be a community and must be interesting for fans of all levels of knowledge and experiences.

This site gives me a platform to share my love of football and Colts with you and allows me to interact with others with similar passions.  Enough said – time to get busy on content so that we can begin sharing our common interests.  I hope you enjoy being part of Colts Fandom!